Monetizing Fast Broadband

  • today December 10, 2020
  • schedule 11:00 am - PT
  • hourglass_empty 45m
  • English
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Jake Sailana

Director of Marketing, Zyxel

Time (US and Canada)

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Welcome to the new normal. In 2020 one thing that has certainly become crystal is the importance of high-speed broadband and the many services surrounding it. While we’re eager to get on with our “pre-COVID” lives…some trends are here to stay.

Doing Managed WiFi well is more important than ever. Parents who’ve had a chance to closely monitor their children’s online activity the past few months have renewed appreciation for Online Time Control and Content Filtering. And with the spike in cyber-crime, smart-home security pays for itself.

Join us for a round-up on premium services that’ll help service providers monetize fast broadband. During the webinar, we’ll review

  • Details on several premium services
  • Best-practices for planning and deployment of these services
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations