10G Broadband – Making that next big step into a Larger World

  • today October 29, 2020
  • schedule 12:00 pm - PT
  • hourglass_empty 45m
  • English
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patrick motrno


Patrick Moreno

Product Marketing Manager Zyxel

Time (US and Canada)

  • schedule 12:00 pm - PT
  • schedule 01:00 pm - MT
  • schedule 02:00 pm - CT
  • schedule 03:00 pm - ET

The increasing demand for more bandwidth opens the doors for higher-performing access technologies. 10G promises to deliver fast and reliable Broadband access with the ability of symmetric 10G downlink and 10G uplink providing exceptional data rates for today’s demanding Subscribers and their Internet access needs.

In this webinar learn about:

  • 10G - how it could enhance your service offerings
  • The features that make this access technology fast, reliable, and secure
  • Why would a Service Provider want to invest in a 10GPON solution
  • The different access application opportunities with a 10G service offering
  • Where are Providers deploying 10G networks?