Zyxel broadband gateways secure from Heartbleed

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April 14, 2014 – Anaheim, CA – Zyxel Communications, a leading provider of secure broadband networking, internet access, connected home and routing products, today reported that Zyxel broadband gateways and routers are not affected by Heartbleed – the OpenSSL vulnerability. The device models tested and found resistant to the Hearbleed bug include P873HNU-51B, P660HN-51, P600R-F1, VSG143x, VMG423x and VMG8324.

Heartbleed is only having an impact on OpenSSL1.9.2-beta and OpenSSL1.0.1- OpenSSL1.0.1f. Zyxel devices use OpenSSL-0.9.7f, which is not included on the Heartbleed impact list. Zyxel's R&D team has tested OpenSSL with our devices to ensure their security from this bug.

About Heartbleed
Heartbleed is a vulnerability in the OpenSSL implementation that can be exploited by hackers to steal information stored in the memory of web servers. The web server memory could potentially have sensitive information including login credentials and cookies info that may be exploitable by hackers. Here is a link to an informative article on Heartbleed

About Zyxel Communications
Zyxel, a pioneer in IP technology for over two decades, provides a complete portfolio of multi-service LTE, fiber and DSL broadband gateways, home connectivity solutions, smart home devices and enterprise-class Ethernet switches, security and Wi-Fi equipment for small to mid-size business. Zyxel offers integrated, interoperable network solutions based on open standards. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Zyxel offers its partners service-rich solutions backed by a domestic team of logistic, sales, and technical support professionals.

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