Remote CPE Management with Standard-Based TR-069 Protocol

TR-069 describes a bi-directional remote management protocol for broadband gateways and other home and office networking equipment collectively termed as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). The protocol is a method of communication between CPE and management entity known as an Auto-Configuration Server (ACS). It is intended to support a variety of functionalities including auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning, software/firmware image management, status and performance monitoring and diagnostics.

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Powerful new generation TR-069 standard: TR-181i2

To keep up with the evolving digital home, Broadband Forum has given a huge upgrade to the TR-069 standard with its new generation Device 2 data model specified in TR-181i2. This brings some key new capabilities to the standard:

It generalizes the data model or data sets to cover different possible smart home devices like routers, Set-top Boxes, VoIP bridges, smart monitors etc. In short, any smart home device that supports TR-181 protocol.

It has enriched the information that can be accessed from the broadband gateway about the home network, details on the connected devices behind the router, surrounding Wi-Fi networks and connection performance.

These new capabilities enhance the ability of TR181-equipped ACS systems to remotely diagnose and fix issues while learning more about the individual subscriber home environment.

All the latest Zyxel CPE supports standard-based TR-181 protocol so it can interoperate with a variety of leading TR-069 ACS vendors in the market. Zyxel intends for service providers to have the best of breed solutions for best-in-class performance.

TR-069 features

CPE WAN Management Protocol, known as TR-069, is intended to support various functionalities to manage a collection of CPE:

Auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning

TR-069 allows an ACS to provision a CPE or collection of CPE based on a variety of criteria. The provisioning mechanism includes specific provisioning parameters and a mechanism for adding vendor-specific provisioning capabilities as needed.

Software/firmware image management
  1. Version Identification
  2. File Download Initiation
  3. Notification of the success or failure of a file download
Status & performance monitoring

TR-069 defines broad set of operational parameters to help operators monitor the performance or service status of the DSL CPE. It also provides a standard syntax for vendors to define additional non-standard parameters that an ACS can monitor.


CPE supports TR-069 parameters that TR-069 ACS server may use to determine the cause of connectivity malfunctions or service degradations.

Legacy products with TR-98 compliant

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