IES4204 Series

2U 4-slot Temperature-Hardened Chassis MSAN/XGS-PON OLT

The IES4204 Series 2U 4-slot Temperature-hardened Chassis MSAN/XGS-PON OLT supports VDSL2, GPON, XGS-PON, and fiber-based GbE service access. The IES4204 Series features two service slots that work with any service line cards. This allows service providers to deploy triple-play services and freely choose uplink types to easily adapt to the existing infrastructures.

  • Unified Platform
  • Full Redundancy
  • Comprehensive QoS
  • Sophisticated OAM&P
  • IGMP

Unified platform for VDSL, Ethernet and PON access service

The Zyxel IES4204 Series supports VDSL2, GPON, XGS-PON and fiber-based GbE service access with two service slots that work with any service line cards. The unified platform utilizes existing PON and copper infrastructures to increase network bandwidth and reliability with the lowest CAPEX and OPEX.


Boost bandwidth with next-gen PON

As the increasing demands for high-bandwidth services, 10G PON has become the best choice for building high-bandwidth FTTH networks. The Zyxel IES4204 Series is a scalable access platform supports GPON, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 access interfaces to ensure smooth network upgrades to 10G and above.


High performance with flexibility

Equipped with a non-blocking backplane, failover-enabled Management Switch Cards (MSC), dual-input power modules in addition to various high port density, multi-purpose line cards, the Zyxel IES4204 Series enables reliable, flexible, and scalable internet services.

IES4204 Components

Sophisticated OAM&P features

The Zyxel IES4204 Series allows remote and simplified deployment and maintenance via various management methods, including a local console port, Telnet, a locally-hosted Web GUI and SNMP based EMS (NetAtlas EMS) as well as management functions such as alarm and status surveillance, configuration management, performance management and fault management.

Advanced triple-play and mass deployment functionalities

The Zyxel IES4204 Series supports all Layer-2 Quality of Service (QoS), security and multicast functionalities, including IGMP snooping and multicast VLAN, to provide triple-play services over either copper wires or fibers.

System architecture

IES4204 Series
2U 4-slot Temperature-Hardened Chassis MSAN/10G PON OLT

  • 2U compact design with multi-service interfaces, including VDSL2, GPON, 10G PON and fiber-based GbE
  • Supports symmetric 10G residential, cloud and enterprise services
  • High reliability with fully redundant system design
  • Comprehensive QoS to enhance users’ triple-play experience
  • Field-proven IGMP snooping and proxy for IPTV deployments
Management Card with Four 10 Gigabit SFP+ Open Slots

  • Supports four 10G (SFP+) or four 1G uplink/subtending interfaces
  • Support 1+1 uplink protection mode
  • One mini-RJ11 console port
  • One 100M/1G out-of-band Management interface

*Please note that all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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IES4204 Series


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IES4204 Series

IES4204 Series