Zyxel Communications 5G Broadband Solutions support new advanced AI Integrations powered by MediaTek

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Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023 — Zyxel Communications, one of the world’s leading internet technology providers, employs MediaTek’s T750 5G chipset for next-generation 5G CPE wireless products with an integrated AI computing hub built for industrial PCs to enable smart city infrastructure.

“Today, almost all devices are connected to the internet, and with that number only increasing, customers need high bandwidth to keep everything functioning, and 5G Fixed Wireless Access is becoming a real alternative,” said Karsten Gewecke, President at Zyxel Communications. “We trust the T750 and T830 as our workhorses while we’re laying the infrastructure to enable customers and smart cities. It was groundbreaking to combine compact design, integrated 5G radio and quad-core Arm CPU to facilitate the high-performance integrated devices needed to proliferate 5G now and in the future.”

MediaTek’s portfolio of 5G CPE solutions is expansive, with the MediaTek T750 and T830 platforms bringing fast 5G connectivity into homes, businesses and anyone on the go. These solutions enable customers to build high-performing wireless products in the smallest form factors possible with high-speed, power-efficient benefits. Boasting a highly integrated, compact design architecture, MediaTek’s solutions support several AI engines, allowing for scalability that extends and unlocks AI capabilities for next-generation technology.

“MediaTek is a proven leader in 5G broadband solutions, delivering high speeds, reliability and power savings to consumers and businesses no matter where they live,” said JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s wireless communications business unit. “With this processor portfolio, customers have the power to pair 5G with new AI applications, revolutionizing their services.”

About Zyxel Communications

Zyxel Communications delivers technological innovations and has connected the world to the internet for more than 30 years. Whether establishing access through fixed or mobile broadband solutions, Zyxel communications offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of products that is keeping service providers ahead of the competition.

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