Zyxel Communications showcases next-generation solutions for service providers at CES 2023

Multi-Gigabit, WiFi 6E, WiFi 7, and TR-369 technology demonstrations show service providers cost-effective solutions to meet the growing bandwidth demands of their customers

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Hsinchu, Taiwan, February 22, 2023Zyxel Communications, an industry-leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet access and connected home products, will introduce service providers attending CES 2023 to a variety of solutions designed to fulfill the demand from customers for higher bandwidth to support advanced network-enabled applications in the home. Technology demonstrations and discussions will show how the deployment of Zyxel solutions can provide customers with faster, more reliable internet connectivity while providing new revenue opportunities and lowering operating costs for North American service providers.

“CES gives us the opportunity to connect face-to-face with service providers, not only to share with them the latest initiatives and products, but to learn about the challenges they’re facing in an ever-evolving industry and to discuss how we can work together to address those emerging challenges,” explained Brian Feng, Senior Vice President of Zyxel Communications. “We’re very excited to receive their thoughts on a variety of new products and solutions that we believe will help them meet the increasing demands from their customers, create new revenue-generating opportunities, enhance customer service, and lower operating expenses.”

Zyxel to demonstrate the benefits of WiFi 7 at CES 2023

CES 2023 presents the opportunity for Zyxel to introduce WiFi 7 to its North American service provider partners. Addressing the rapidly increasing requirements from consumers and businesses for increased bandwidth and network performance to support advanced network-connected applications, Zyxel will provide a live demonstration of the high-throughput, lower latency, and advanced feature sets delivered through WiFi 7 technology. While the development of the company’s portfolio of WiFi 7 CPE is in process, the company will take the opportunity to meet with service providers at CES 2023 to share the product roadmap and discuss the anticipated requirements of the service providers and their customers.

Multi-Gig and WiFi 6E solutions deliver faster, more reliable whole-home access

Zyxel will showcase its new WiFi 6E system for solution providers, featuring EX7710 AX11000 WiFi 6E Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Gateway and WX5610 AX7800 WiFi 6E Multi-Gigabit Extender. The solution, which supports the new 6 GHz bands to provide fast, reliable internet connectivity in high-density environments, delivers speeds up to 10 Gbps to optimize the performance of advanced applications such as 4K/8K UHD streaming, VR/AR, online gaming, and bandwidth-intensive IoT devices.

EX7710 supports tri-band wireless AX to deliver speeds up to 4.8 Gbps on the 6 GHz band, 4.8 Gbps on the 5 GHz band, and 1.2 Gbps on the 2.4 GHz band, and supports simultaneous streams to allow more users to connect to the network with extremely low latency. The system supports Zyxel’s standards-compliant MPro Mesh® Plus and TR-069 for ease of management to reduce OPEX and improve customer satisfaction, and the modular OPAL software platform shortens time-to-market while launching custom applications or new services.

TR-369 and OpenSync give service providers freedom-of-choice in CPE deployments

Zyxel will provide a live demonstration of the implementation of the TR-369 protocol, also known as the User Services Platform (USP), on select Zyxel CPE. TR-369 provides a secure solution that gives service providers more frequent and precise monitoring of their customers’ networks, enabling them to enhance their quality of service and increase customer satisfaction.

Support for TR-369 and OpenSync gives service providers the flexibility of deploying select Zyxel CPE in a standards-based network environment using Zyxel’s MPro Mesh® Intelligent WiFi, or deploying it with Plume’s integrated platform, HomePass® Smart Home Suite or HayStack™ Data Prediction and Analytics Suite.

Zyxel XGS-PON ONT solutions answer the bandwidth-Intensive challenges of tomorrow

Zyxel will demonstrate its XGS-PON ONT solutions which enable service providers to expand their current service capacity beyond existing gigabit limitations to deliver the increased bandwidth, greater speeds, and higher reliability required to support advanced network applications in the home.

Zyxel’s PM7516/PM7510 Series XGS-PON Bridge ONT with 10G LAN allows service providers to upgrade existing GPON networks for 10 Gigabit broadband access with minimal CAPEX Investment. The Zyxel PM7010 XGS-PON SFP+ ONT provides a cost-effective solution for providing 10G/10G profile passive fiber internet access to meet the market requirements for a high-performance 10G experience.

Fixed wireless access solutions provide cost-efficient alternatives to fiber and wired deployments

Zyxel will highlight its broad portfolio of Fixed Wireless Access Solutions including standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) compliant 5G NR Solutions, indoor and outdoor 4G LTE Solutions, and indoor and outdoor CBRS Solutions. Zyxel’s portfolio of Fixed Wireless Access Solutions provide a cost-efficient alternative to fixed-line broadband, allowing service providers to deliver ultra-fast, latency-free connections to areas that are unreachable by fiber and wired technology.

Working toward a connected and sustainable future

Recently awarded a Gold Honor in the 2022 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, sustainability will be among the key topics of discussion for Zyxel at CES 2023. Based upon ethical and profitable business practices, Zyxel’s sustainability commitment focus is based on a holistic approach that encompasses environmental protection, company governance, green products, a responsible supply chain, contribution to the community, and fostering an inclusive workplace.

For more information about Zyxel and its portfolio of broadband wireless solutions for service providers, visit the new Zyxel Communications website and follow us on LinkedIn.


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