Zyxel Enabled Fast WiFi Network Deployment in Russian Vocational College

Maloohtinsky College, a top-notch primary vocational educational institution in St. Petersburg, decided to build a new wireless network infrastructure during their reconstruction project. The urgent case required that the system installer be able to finish the entire project within just a few days. The school’s SI TEKO partnered with Zyxel because of their easy-to-manage and reliable solution as well as helpful real-time support. With the help with Zyxel, TEKO could meet the school’s requirements and deliver stable, fast WiFi network in within the required time. Check here to see what devices the solution consists of and how it has helped the school deliver a seamless wireless internet experience to students and faculty.

We appreciate Zyxel’s continued efforts and great support to make the implementation successful.

Ivan Tyutrin
Project Manager, Maloohtinsky College

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