Seamless Transition to New Network Sees Zero Downtime for Upscale Singapore Hotel

Hotel Royal @ Queens’ network needed a facelift. Its existing infrastructure was outdated, unable to deliver the wireless speeds and coverage required by staff and guests. It was also time consuming to maintain each part individually as it could not be centrally managed. The hotel’s system integrator Datamux reached out to Zyxel’s VAD Go Nimbus to seek a vendor that can offering a competitive mix of price, performance, on-the-ground presence and timely technical support. The most important requirement specified by the hotel was that there should be no downtime during the network transition. The tender went to Zyxel Networks for its Nebula solution, as the hotel was won over by Nebula’s flexible, futureproof cloud networking management. One hundred and ten NWA1123AC HD APs, forty-eight NWA1123ACv3 APs and thirteen GS1920v2 smart managed PoE switches were deployed. The switches offer wide power budgets ideal for dense PoE deployments like hotels, ensuring continuous operation of the APs, which feature second-generation Wave 2, with Multi-User MIMO allowing them to communicate with multiple clients simultaneously at higher speeds. NWA1123ACv3 APs helps provide sufficient coverage in the corner rooms via smart mesh without having to tackle cabling challenge. Beyond the network performance, which has yet to falter since going live, the hotel expressed satisfaction with the deployment process. Everything went off without a hitch, with the hotel transitioning from old network to new with no downtime between.

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