Zyxel extends SD-WAN OS remote network management capabilities, to support growth in homeworking

Enhanced SD-WAN operating system features improved high availability configuration option, Command Line Interface management capabilities and zero-touch VLAN provisioning


Hsinchu, Taiwan, 11 May 2020 — Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI and cloud-powered home and business solutions, today launches new updates to its SD-WAN solution. The latest version gives IT teams and MSPs improved functionality and greater capabilities for managing and monitoring networks remotely.

As the need for homeworking continues to rise, so does the challenge of keeping networks available and secure - no matter where people and devices are located. The enhanced features within Zyxel's SD-WAN OS enable IT teams and MSPs to more easily manage network configurations and troubleshoot issues remotely, ensuring business as usual for those working at home or remotely.


High availability configuration from any location

A reliable network connection and continuous availability of systems are paramount. With this update, Zyxel’s SD-WAN solution now supports high availability settings that include multiple backups and failover for network managers to provide users with reliable connections at all times. IT staff can remotely configure the high availability setting no matter where they are, through a cloud-based dashboard, keeping company networks up and running.

CLI management options for remote troubleshooting

The latest SD-WAN release also includes Command Line Interface (CLI) management, which provides IT managers and MSPs with an additional management option and greater granularity of reporting for remote troubleshooting.

Zero-touch VLAN provisioning

For those with larger networks, who use VLANs to manage smaller groups with different network and security policies, remote management can be complex and resource intensive. Enhanced features in the SD-WAN solution enable remote configuration of VLANs through the Orchestrator dashboard, for more streamlined and efficient management of the network environment.

QoS to prioritize network traffic for important applications

Traffic jams happen when all family members at home or employees at offices connect online at the same time and compete for limited bandwidth. With Zyxel’s SD-WAN solution, IT teams or MSPs will be able to remotely prioritize traffic for certain applications over others, such as teleconferencing over Netflix, to ensure smooth business operations.

“Remote working is not only becoming common for users, but also the people who manage and oversee the smooth running of networks,” commented Inchen Lin, AVP of Zyxel Networks’ Intelligence Cloud Center. “The enhanced capabilities in our SD-WAN OS ensure that IT teams and MSPs can provide the same high levels of service in a remote capacity, to those who rely on the availability and stability of the network for their day to day operations.”

The new features run across the entire range of Zyxel VPN firewalls including VPN50, VPN100, VPN300 and VPN1000 with firmware version SD-OS v10.03, ensuring companies of all sizes have the capabilities to provision and manage their networks remotely. For more information about the SD-WAN v10.03 please visit: https://www.zyxel.com/sd-wan

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