Zyxel for Business
November 2020

How Will 5G Help Your Business?

5G is finally ushering in the multi-Gigabit speeds that consumers have been waiting for – but it is businesses that can benefit the most. From small offices to smart factories, 5G’s unprecedented speeds, super-low latency, and huge device connectivity are revolutionizing how we work and our profit margins.

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5G empowers you to take control like never before, and our 5G NR Mobile WiFi router shows how. It gives you more than 10 times the download/upload speeds, sharable dual-band WiFi 6, support Gigabit Ethernet & USB-C, and ends headaches with its simple plug-and-surf setup. There is so much more it can do for your home or office.

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Work Faster, Work Safer

Need to connect more WiFi 6 devices without weakening speeds and performance? There’s a router for that.

Read why remote working doesn’t need to increase the chances of a cyberattack on your network.

Cloud networking is trending as the ultimate solution to the new normal we’re in post Covid-19. Find out how it can help your business.