Zyxel Nebula Solution Brings Delight, Easy WiFi Management to Turkish Hotel

The Adriana Thermal Health Spa Hotel wanted to provide value-added WiFi services to match its immaculate location and amenities, but its infrastructure wasn’t up to the challenge. The network’s capacity was insufficient for uninterrupted communication across the sprawling indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, to keep the WiFi running securely and optimally, the hotel needed to be able to manage the whole network from a single point. It turned to the system integrator Sky Bilişim and together they chose Zyxel’s cloud-based Nebula solution, citing its ease of network management and deployment. “With the support of Zyxel's expert team, our project was successfully completed in a short period,” project manager Ozgur Aybar says. Critically, Nebula-compatible NWA1123-ACv3 and NWA1123-AC PRO MIMO wireless APs were deployed to provide wide coverage and reliable connections. Supporting the latest WPA3 standard, the NWA1123ACv3 is designed to bring stronger encryption and authentication to protect wireless networks. “Now, with the renewed network infrastructure, reliable, high-speed, WiFi is available in all 246 rooms and through all other areas in the hotel,” Ozgur says. “And, thanks to the AP solutions used in the living areas inside and outside the hotel, the entire network can be easily controlled from anywhere, at any time through the cloud-based Nebula networking management platform.”

We’ve renewed our hotel’s network infrastructure with Sky Bilişim and are very pleased with the value-added services we’re now enjoying and providing. We were particularly impressed with the support we received from them and the Zyxel team during every phase of the project, from general project management to product and service selection to the positioning of the deployed products.

Abdullah Saracoglu
IT Manager, Adrina Thermal Health & Spa Hotel

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