With Futureproof Solution, Russian Uni Secures Seamless WiFi for Years to Come

With its existing infrastructure failing to even handle 100 simultaneous connections, MASU tendered for a new high-speed WiFi network through system integrator SmartInTech. “At the crux was getting a smart wireless network controller to connect the main WiFi network and all server equipment,” SmartInTech’s Elena Vasilenko said. “That meant the controller needed to be powerful enough to handle all the traffic and power supply loads." Unable to accommodate the costs and delivery times of the world’s largest manufacturer, SmartInTech tested equipment from Zyxel Networks and found it satisfied all technical requirements and came in under budget. It took two months for a team of 10 to lay the cables, install the access points, and optimize the signal coverage, and now the new infrastructure is working smoothly. “The WiFi is superb in all four buildings with three SSIDs, and it’s been very straightforward for us to configure thanks to the NXC5500 controller,” Vasilenko said. “In hard-to-reach rooms that couldn’t be connected with cables, ZyMESH was used to increase the signal radius.” She added: “The APs’ response time is excellent, and we’re excited they can be cheaply and easily upgraded to the 802.ax protocol down the road to bring WiFi 6 to the university."

Having invested in these high-performance equipment from Zyxel Networks at our university, we’ve been able to reach a new level of education.

Andrey Artyukhovich
Deputy Head of Informatization Department, Murmansk Arctic State University

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