Network Refresh Sends Data Rates through the Roof at Belarusian State-owned Enterprise

With its existing network infrastructure nearly a decade old, BelGiproDor needed to increase the access speed to its server storage systems and other IT services. The network refresh was also necessary to ensure the network had security protections capable of fending off modern cyberthreats. After a tender involving five leading global manufacturers, the project went to Zyxel and was completed by two people over the course of a month. “In addition to our many technical requirements, we prioritized a supplier who offered reasonable prices, free firmware updates for all devices, a limited lifetime warranty, and support for cloud-based, centralized management,” BelGiproDor IT head Oleg Silich says. “We also wanted a supplier with an official representative office here in Belarus.” Zyxel’s partner AXATA carried out the equipment delivery and installation with follow-up assistance provided by Zyxel’s official distributor in Belarus, Datastream DEP. Nine communication cabinets, each with two switches, were deployed across the company’s five-floor HQ. Zyxel’s USG FLEX 500 firewalls were chosen to protect the network, and all network devices are connected to the server room via 10-Gigabit ethernet. Now with the 500 employees able to transfer extremely large files, like drawings and 3D models, in seconds, BelGiproDor’s operations have never been as efficient.

We’re very grateful to Datastream and Zyxel Networks for their quality support at every step of the process, from consultation to equipment selection to installation to after-sales service. This new technology immediately made life easier and work faster for our enterprise’s employees.

Oleg Silich
IT Department Head, BelGiproDor

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