Zyxel enhances user experience and licensing journey with the latest Nebula update

Nebula’s latest update responds to user feedback, delivering an enhanced user experience, streamlined license buying, and easy to deploy connectivity for SMBs

Hsinchu, Taiwan, September 6, 2022—Zyxel Networks, the leader in delivering secure and cloud-powered networking solutions, has released the 15th major update for its popular Nebula Cloud Networking Solution. P15 has been developed with users in mind, streamlining license buying journeys and guiding users through Nebula’s paid features. The update also includes increased security and resilience across switches and a new remote configurator for mobile routers.

Nebula is the most comprehensive cloud networking solution for SMBs, with over 80 supported models including WiFi 6E APs, multigigabit switches, firewalls, and mobile routers that allow SMBs to manage all connectivity and security from a single pane of glass.

Premium features, explained

SMBs often have limited budgets and need to make certain that they are investing in the products and features that will deliver maximum value. To help users address this concern, Nebula makes it easy now to identify what each paid feature offers and which functions will most benefit the business.

When rolled over with the mouse, each feature now displays a visual aid describing what it is and how it functions in more detail, ultimately giving the user better insight into whether the feature is worth their investment.

Streamlined license buying

The new update also introduces the ability to purchase Nebula-compatible licenses directly through the management portal. The update is ideal for prosumers and small businesses, who often spend a great deal of time making their way through different platforms looking to buy a license.

The integrated Zyxel Marketplace e-commerce platform in the NCC automates the process, allowing users to purchase a license up to 10 times faster than buying offline. Meanwhile channel partners still have the flexible options of buying offline or through the online licensing platform Circle.

Anytime trials and flexible firmware upgrade

Many Nebula users have also asked for the ability to trial certain features to explore what benefits them. This update opens the door to more paid features in a free 30-day trial, so SMBs can experience the benefits of the full stack Nebula without an upfront cost. This can be activated at any time, from even more entry points. A unified trial mechanism also promises to deliver a consistent user experience across the board.

Nebula users will also gain increased flexibility for firmware upgrades, allowing them to manage timing, version preferences, and more as they please. The new options include the ability to automate, schedule, or manual upgrades to the latest or most stable versions of the firmware, as well as ignoring the update altogether.

“The enhancements introduced in the Nebula Phase 15 update have the user firmly in mind. We’ve taken onboard feedback from previous iterations of the Nebula family and listened to the pain points of our customers. The feature of this new update will combat these challenges and make lives easier for SMBs,” comments Kell Lin, Senior Associate Vice President, Zyxel Networking SBU.

Nebula’s latest update also increases both security and resilience for network switches. The “IP Source Guard” protects networks from IP spoofing attacks. Meanwhile the “Auto Configuration Recovery” prevents any misconfiguration that could cause switches to lose connection from the central NCC. In addition, a time-saving remote configurator for mobile routers means users can remotely configure 4G or 5G routers without having to send staff to site.

For more information on Nebula’s latest update, please visit: https://www.zyxel.com/global/en/products/management-and-reporting/cloud-networking-management-nebula-control-center

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