Wireless Network Setup for SMEs Has Never Been This Easy

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“We are very satisfied ZyXEL’s excellent after-sales services. There are not many suppliers who provide such good and fast after-sales support. They help us to think of possible solutions even during the training. We can also take training courses in Belgium or Germany so as to reduce travel time”

Eduard Papen
Founder and General Manager, Edlin Automation


Michel Oprey & Beisterfeld is one of the largest natural stone suppliers in Europe. The company has grown at a rapid pace and now has 100 employees working at two locations in the Netherlands. The corporate headquarters is located in Echt, and has an extensive showroom, show garden and office building.


Michel Oprey & Beisterfeld wanted to make the headquarters environment wirelessly accessible for employees and visitors. Employees are expected to have their smartphones, tablets and notebooks on hand in keeping with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) principles. This growing trend is reflected in employees bringing more and more devices to the office. In order to make the best use of these devices, Internet access through a Wi-Fi network with optimal accessibility is essential. Michel Oprey & Beisterfeld therefore needed wireless controller technology to support smartphones and other BYOD demands. The NXC2500 WLAN Controller is ideal for this purpose.

Solutions and Benefits

Edlin Automation, a local reseller, chose ZyXEL products and wireless solutions for Michel Oprey & Beisterfeld because ZyXEL offers a complete end-to-end network portfolio for handling wireless network challenges. ZyXEL's portfolio consists of Managed, Unmanaged and Smart Switches, WLAN controllers, Access Points, and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances for creating a secure network.

The ZyXEL NXC2500 WLAN Controller is the ideal wireless solution for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) like Michel Oprey & Beisterfeld. The WLAN controller is scalable and supports up to 24 APs. ZyXEL provides a wireless solution that consists of the WLAN Controller and ZyXEL Wireless Optimizer (ZWO). The product differs from the competition in its ease of use, whereby wireless networks can be fully managed and monitored. Makeshift infrastructures are no longer necessary because multiple APs can be coupled with the WLAN Controller. This allows more wireless devices, including mobile devices, to use a single network, providing integrated WLAN control via a box that controls the complete Wireless LAN. The controller and APs have sensors that relay data about the condition and performance of the network back to the ZyXEL Wireless Optimizer (ZWO).

Edlin Automation founder and general manager Mr. Eduard Papen states, "At Michel Oprey & Beisterfeld, everything goes to the NXC2500 through the 16 APs that we have installed. It is a dual network of 5 GHz, where 30 to 100 devices are registered daily." The visitors that Michel Oprey & Beisterfeld receives at its showroom daily, as well as its employees, can now access the Internet and email on the wireless network. Moreover, Mr. Papen and his team installed a separate WLAN for visitors and an internal WLAN for internal users only. When a staff member walks from the back of one building to the front of another, he can roam and stay connected without interruption because the APs overlap. Mr. Papen says, “We created a system with full roaming WLAN throughout the entire premises." The NXC2500 also solves the problem of running out of IP addresses. Thus, a one-time investment of a few thousand euros resolved several issues in the management of mobile networks.

As a result, Michel Oprey & Beisterfeld was so satisfied with their new stable and secure wireless network at the Echt facility that, they decided to have the same wireless solution set-up at another location in Vianen. Mr. Papen says he is extremely satisfied with the pleasant customer service and support provided by ZyXEL. Mr. Papen concluded, "The next customer who wants the same setup, we will make the same recommendation.”

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