Nonstop Wireless Access in Graphisoft Park

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Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity Anywhere and Anytime

The challenge was to provide fast and reliable Internet access for the workers and visitors of Graphisoft Park all the time at as many places as possible for free of charge. All the buildings were selected for deployment, where conferences, discussions can take place and where people can just sit down for a while to relax and surf on the Internet. We planned the network system with focusing on these areas. In the Park there are optical fibers among several buildings and we could also benefit from these. Finally there were placed 8 ports PoE switches in the building B, C, K and N. The switches are connected through a MSG3712F Metro Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Bearing in mind the survey made by Equicom Ltd. we placed the NWA-3160 Wireless Dual Band Access Points. The APs operate in control mode, so the management - which is in a separated VLAN - is mainteined with one single IP-address.

We aimed to further enhance the utilization of the Park's grassy parts; we covered the area of the little lake in the middle, the bar and the restaurant as well. So we chose a dual band outdoor device for the top of the M building, from where the whole area mentioned above can be strewed. The restaurant is located in one of the most frequented parts of the Graphisoft Park; we pursued to ensure the Internet access here too. We established the connection on two floors, and place an AP on the lower floor where the conference rooms are. The center of the system is in building C, as located the hotspot gateway and the firewall ensuring the content filter is located here, as well as the SNMP-based ENC server supervising the whole system operation. This device immediately generates an alarm if any problem occurs in the network and continuously creates setting back-ups.

A reliable wireless internet connection was deployed in the communal areas of the office park and tenants and visitors are free to use it.

Graphisoft Park SE
Graphisoft Park is located directly next to the Danube, the beautiful river of the capital – in 18 acres of green area. The designers and constructors of the office park were especially attentive to preserve the nature and the green areas.  Besides several smaller and middle sized companies, also Microsoft’s and the European software giant, SAP’s international development’s base is leased here.
Biotechnological research laboratories can be founded in the Park as well; its first laboratory was built for a Hungarian company named Comgenex, later acquired by the American AMRI. In 2007 there was built a world-class research laboratory for the French pharmaceutical company, Servier.   In Graphisoft Park currently operates 60 companies with more than 2000 employees.

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