Network Map to overview your home network

With ZyXEL ONE Connect, you can quickly, easily view all your connected devices on the network. Change Wi-Fi setting to the home router from the app and realize the utilization of internet bandwidth or even reboot the router if needed.

Wi-Fi setting synchronization

Sync all your Wi-Fi settings into one seamless network without setting up your client devices to connect multiple Wi-Fi networks.

(All wireless devices connected is sync with the same Wi-Fi name and password)

Temporary wireless connection to internet

Enable guest Wi-Fi connection with time limitation in a snap

Diagnose home network

Home Network Diagnose

Check your network health and generate reports for support or troubleshooting needs

Speed tests for Internet service quality


Measure your Internet bandwidth from your mobile devices or network speed within home network.

Customize network device by mobile app

Customize naming and re-direct to device information for detail setting and firmware upgrades. Internet connection of devices of home network can be switch on or off on the app.