Empowering Education with Advanced Wireless Connectivity and Cloud Networking Management

The educational charitable trust in Mumbai was facing significant connectivity issues on its existing wireless network. The trust turned to Blossom, a value-added distributor with over 15 years of experience, for a solution that could upgrade their wireless network and provide reliable connectivity to all their users. That's when Zyxel came into the picture. Blossom offered a comprehensive Zyxel solution that effectively upgraded the wireless infrastructure by deploying new access points, and implementing advanced cloud management tools to monitor and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. In order to achieve excellent connectivity performance, ensure broad coverage, and prevent interference in WiFi networks, WAC6103D-I access points were deployed In the classrooms, offering ultra-fast speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps with a ground-breaking dual-optimized antenna design. Additionally, NWA1123ACv3 access points were installed, delivering reliable connections to all areas of the building, with data rates of 1.2 Gbps. After installing the Zyxel access points, the trust saw a significant improvement in WiFi connectivity. In addition to the enhanced WiFi, they also benefited from easy management via Nebula’s centralized cloud solution. As a result of this successful outcome, Zyxel has taken charge of the networking projects for other schools and colleges affiliated with the trust.

We are overjoyed with Zyxel's new WiFi network that has changed the way of study for the school. The new network makes it easier to access educational resources and take part in online learning activities. Besides, it has greatly improved our connections with teachers and colleagues. Huge thanks to the Zyxel team throughout the process. As a significant distributor in this project, we feel fortunate to work with Zyxel.

Pranav Gupta
Blossom Inc

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