Nebula Together Brings Tech-enriched Learning to 30 Dutch Schools

With lockdowns driving the digitalization of education, Agora wanted to upgrade its network to enable cutting-edge learning solutions as well as to standardize and centralize the wireless network across its 30 schools. More than thirty latest firewall gateways, 80 switches, and some 400 access points were deployed. One silver lining was the pandemic helping IT-Guys, the system integrator, to accelerate the rollout, with the installation taking half a day per school. Everything is managed via the Nebula Control Center, providing a consistent user experience that increases efficiency, reduces on-site maintenance requirements, and minimizes network downtime. The centralized management also allows group configuration. For example, when WiFi passwords need to be changed, as this can now be done simultaneously on all APs. Similarly, when a firewall detects a threat to a connected client, it automatically synchronizes with the Nebula Control Center and forwards a new security policy to every AP while blocking or quarantining the affected client at the edge of the network to contain the threat. The schools now share highly reliable and secure wireless infrastructure that optimizes their digital teaching and online learning experiences, and new updates set for summer are certain to be a breeze.

We are equipping more and more schools and other institutions with Nebula and other Zyxel products. These solutions are taking our IT environment to the next level and helping us get ready for the post-Covid era.

Joost Böhm
Founder, IT-Guys

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