Fail-safe LTE Solution Dishes Up Uninterrupted Internet for Turkish Restaurant Chain

After adopting fixed-line internet for communication and daily operation between its branches and headquarters, restaurant chain Köfteci Yusuf found that the solution worked well most of the time. It knew, however, that in hospitality, most of the time doesn’t cut it. The sudden outages that come with fixed-line networks were interrupting work, reducing efficiency, and causing headaches for staff and customers. This wasn’t lost on Akpinar IT, the system integrator that the restaurant turned to for help. “Uninterrupted internet service is of great importance for restaurants,” Akpinar IT owner Hamza Akpinar said. In addition to offering WiFi to guests, he said, restaurants require a stable network to handle orders, process transactions, and communicate with headquarters, like by uploading stock and billing information to the cloud. He also knew that 4G routers were the optimal solution, as they could provide backup internet whenever the main fixed line goes down. The routers are also used to provide internet access at the restaurants inside the ferries. “We chose Zyxel's LTE3301 4G routers, which we knew to be fast, safe, and easy to install, and could serve as an effective network redundancy,” Akpinar said. Now, with 150 routers deployed across Köfteci Yusuf’s HQ and branches, internet connections continue uninterrupted – meaning orders keep rolling in and food keeps rolling out.

The change was very obvious as soon as we started using Zyxel’s LTE 4G routers, as the network interruptions immediately stopped interfering with our operations. Even when an internet connection at a branch is down, we can still continue to communicate with them via the LTE connectivity. It’s exactly what we needed.

Bahri Bayrak
IT Manager, Köfteci Yusuf

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