Indian Multi-Disciplinary Organization Gets Comprehensive Network Protection from Zyxel

Directorate of Geology & Mining officials were using wired connectivity that was limiting the end users count due to port shortage on the switches. With the rise in the number of end users roaming within the office premises, management was finding a new wireless infrastructure for a better and faster work environment. They also required a security firewall to protect their internal resources from a wide range of cyberthreats. While valuing their requirement, Zyxel came up with a long-lasting solution that had a firewall, PoE switches, and wireless access points in the portfolio. Zyxel ATP500 firewall was used to defend against various cyberthreats and block unwanted websites and applications. To offer a smooth and optimal wireless roaming experience for end users, the management chose WAC6103D-I Dual Band WiFi access points featuring smart steering and load-balancing features that can ensure seamless connectivity across multiple floors at the office premises. Those access points were powered up by GS1920-24HPv2 and GS1920-8HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switches to ensure stable connectivity and power supply. Management of Directorate of Geology & Mining was satisfied with Zyxel’s solution which has delivered smooth and hassle-free wireless connectivity. The IT department was now stress-free with the easy monitoring of network activities and with the comprehensive protection our firewall offered.

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