Transforming Networks for Enhanced Work Productivity at Seoul's Health and Beauty Company

The Seoul-based health and beauty company chose Zyxel’s solutions to build its new network and facilitate seamless work processes. Zyxel's USG FLEX 700 firewall was deployed at the headquarters, along with USG FLEX 200 firewalls at branch offices, to establish secure network communication through IPSec VPN. The HQ and branch office equipment were interconnected using the site-to-site method, facilitating network communication between branch office PCs and head office servers. Additionally, the implementation of SecuExtender, an SSL VPN software, enabled remote access to the internal server from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexible remote work options without the need for additional programs or VPN gateway devices. For optimal network performance in densely populated environments, WiFi 6 APs were chosen. The high-end WAX650S APs catered to HQ's user demands, with smart antennas and BSS Coloring reducing interference and processing data efficiently. Branch offices used WAX610D APs to create an optimized wireless environment for high work efficiency. The APs guaranteed high-quality connectivity for service-sensitive video data with QoS. To ensure network stability and prevent cable misconnection issues, L2 switches were used to offer gigabit connectivity and power the access points. The network allows real-time control of all network equipment and notifications for efficient maintenance and prompt issue resolution.

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