Stocktaking Has Never Been Smoother for This Russian Auto Chain

Need brake pads or a pair of windscreen wipers? If you’re in Russia, there’s a good chance you’ll head to Avtorus. The auto care chain stocks every spare part any vehicle owner could want. Behind the growing company’s success is a series of massive warehouses where its merchandise is tracked and stacked. Considering the huge quantities being handled, this was a tough task—until recently, when Zyxel worked its magic. Now, over 500 access points and switches later, Avtorus has reliable WiFi on which it has implemented a wholly computerized stocktaking system. Efficiency is up and dropouts are a memory. Read on to find out more.

We didn’t run into a single problem in the implementation process. After that, any issues with the operation of the equipment were quickly resolved with a firmware upgrade. We recommend Zyxel to our colleagues without hesitation.

Pavel Makedonov
System Administrator, Avtorus

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