Cement Plant Pours Foundation for Growth by Unifying Network’s Messy Management

Previously, Sanghi Industries Limited was using network switches from several brands in its factory. Network management was a drain on productivity and the complicated infrastructure caused many different kinds of network problems. Making matters worse, much network equipment was too old to support the functions required. To address these issues, the company decided to replace its existing equipment gradually. For example, Zyxel’s GS2200 series switches were introduced in 2014 as part of a project with the company’s system integrator, Tradewell IT Solutions. Once they started to work with Zyxel Networks, both replacing and repairing products became a breeze. In the renewal project, Zyxel’s network solutions helped to drastically reduce downtime and streamline the complex network environment. The XGS4600-28 and XS3800-28 switches are facilitating low-latency data transmission via high-speed 10G connectivity, while their dynamic routing is simplifying cross-subnet communications. These results have given the company great confidence in Zyxel’s products. It has constructed new core and CCTV networks, replacing more than 80 percent of its equipment with Zyxel’s solutions. The company has continued to be highly satisfied with the results, enjoying hassle-free network and CCTV management with no time or effort wasted.

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