Visitor Management

It is not always possible for schools to provide guests with an adequate connection which will allow them to have Internet access anywhere in campus without compromising the network’s security. To overcome this issue, the IT department can give guests Internet connectivity with authentication without giving privileged access to private LAN resources.

A good guest network should not only provide reliable high-performance access to the Internet without requiring complicated configuration setting, but also separate access privileges according to different user levels. ZyXEL’s guest access solution ensures optimum performance while protecting the academic network resource from unauthorized access.

ZyXEL's guest access solution consists of two key components — the NXC5200 Central WLAN Controller and NWA5000-N APs. The ZyXEL NXC5200 controller has sophisticated features such as guest account generator and Web authentication to offer a solid guest network solution. The guest account generator allows dynamic user accounts to be created as soon as the guests checks into the front desk for minimized IT management efforts, while the Web authentication function provides an easy way to identify guest users. The NXC5200 also works with the embedded firewall policies to segregate guest traffic from the internal network to maintain a clean, safe wireless infrastructure.

Performance-related Solution's Features

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