Behavior Protection

Securing a network backbone can be a real challenge, especially when confidential information is stored in central school databases (e.g. student profiles); students accessing inappropriate Web sites such as pornography and gambling could make the evolving virus and malware threats even worse.

The foundation for a secure school networks is making sure that all of the school resource are only accessible by authorized users; LAN or WLAN users accessing the network should be identified and authorized with specific access privileges through Ethernet switches or wireless devices to ensure the network’s protection. ZyXEL Switches and WLAN APs can work with RADIUS servers to enforce authorized access.

Content filtering and application patrol are essential to ensure the quality of the learning environment and to protect students from inappropriate materials. The IT staff can control the access to unauthorized Web sites, instant messaging, peer-to-peer content sharing, file downloading and other potentially harmful applications or offensive content. To improve network efficiency, IT administrators can configure scheduling access control list (ACL) to control Internet access during working hours and set speed limits with bandwidth management outside working hours.

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