ZyXEL GEPON Solution Offers an Advanced and Future Proof Network for IASRI, India

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Processing huge quantities of agricultural data in one of the world’s most populous countries is no small task. So, it came as no surprise when the Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, the Indian government’s leading agricultural research and data analysis institution, found that it had outgrown its 100 Mbps-based network. An ultra-fast network delivering penta-play services in a cost-effective package is what was needed, and ZyXEL stepped to provide the solution. ZyXEL constructed the upgrade around the OLT-1308S-22 8-port GEPON Optical Line Terminal for improved broadband performance. Added to this were ONU-6100B and ONU-6040BF Optical Line Units for flexible, scalable deployments that would deliver high-speed broadband connectivity to individual users. 


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