Modern and Secure Wi-Fi Network for the British International School Bratislava

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Secure and High-quality network available for Education Institution

"The project's aim has been to achieve wireless connectivity for all portable devices around the school, coupled with the simplest possible network management. We have chosen the solution from ZyXEL precisely for its centralized management feature. After deployment, we were pleasantly surprised by the wide range of options that the NXC5200 offers to the administrator. We are more than satisfied with the overall solution. We are also highly satisfied with the assistance from  ZyXEL Slovakia who were really helpful on several occasions, even helping us with the initial configuration."
                                                                                                       Ing. Alexander Kopcok, System Administrator

"We have chosen ZyXEL not just because of the NXC5200 controller, which combines all the features we need, but by deploying the controller together with access points, we have been able to create a centrally managed system."
                                                                                                     Ing. Jaroslav Hamráček, Managing Director of UIT


The management's main requirement was for the school to have a fast, high-quality and, above all, secure Wi-Fi network. The students, teachers and other staff members, as well as the members of the public who visit the school, need access to the Internet. So there are multiple roles when using the system. Although everyone connects to the same network, different users need to have different rights. Visitors are only allowed on the Internet, while students may access a defined section of the school's network, with another defined section being accessible to teachers. The same network can then be used by IT staff to configure the school's servers or change network settings. A great emphasis has been placed on high security throughout the  implementation. Potential hackers must go off with their tail between their legs and a student's virus-infected laptop must not put the network or other users at risk. And all this with the least possible changes to the building systems and, naturally, without the need to look after the infrastructure in any substantial manner.

According to the requirements, the network needed to be available in all parts of the school with a sufficient signal quality all over the premises.Cutting-edge devices as well as legacy notebooks needed to be supported.


ZyXEL has a unified solution for this type of Wi-Fi network deployments. The NXC5200 controller can manage up to 240 autonomous access points with all of the APs being configured centrally from a single point. Supporting the most up-to-date  encryption algorithms, it also includes a high-performance firewall. The system even offers web-based authentication to fully meet the school's requirements.


  • Secure, high-quality network available to all users all over the school premises
  • Simple installation: the access point is only connected to an Ethernet cable that also powers it (removing the need for power adaptors and sockets and reducing the overall power consumption)
  • Convenient use: the possibility to move around with a connected device without losing or interrupting the connection (the roaming feature)
  • Minimal maintenance and management requirements

About British International School

The British International School Bratislava is a prestigious school for pupils and students from 2 through 18 years of age. Its aim is not only to offer a high-level of education but also to unlock the potential of young people that often remains untapped in more conventional schools. The students achieve top-notch results not just academically but also as contributors to the community. The teaching follows the curriculum of England that has been adapted to the international environment.  Upon graduating, the students are able to apply to universities and colleges, including those in the United Kingdom and  other countries. The school not only provides young people with education but also values their creativity, kindness and both team-based and individual work.

The Nord Anglia Education group, which includes the school in Bratislava, was founded in 1972. It currently operates 12  premium quality schools, attended by over 6000 students of more than 80 nationalities.


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