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Well-known discount grocery chain, Netto has geared up for the digital retail trade of the future by using new switches from ZyXEL. We're proud to report that the installation of over 700 switches has rolled out smoothly, without a single hitch.

Installs over 700 ZyXEL Switches which have rolled out smoothly without a single hitch


"We chose the Layer 3+ switches from ZyXEL , as they met all of our demands regarding functionality, could be delivered under the same agreement to all the countries we have stores in as well as having a flexible support and service agreement, including lifetime guarantee."
Kent Clausen, IT Manager, Netto
The Netto chain of discount stores is part of Dansk Supermarked and today comprises over 1,100 stores in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland; with the frequent opening of new stores in Denmark and abroad, the chain is continuing its rapid expansion. At the same time, Netto keeps its place a market leader in the competitive market of the quality discount grocery industry, where precise control and innovative use of IT-tools can be decisive.

The digitalisation of a Netto store is far more pervasive than most consumers visiting the stores realise. The tills and price-check units have long been online, and now bottle-return machines; refrigerator controls, freezer, electricity and air-conditioning units are also tied into the IP-network and in most cases centrally-controlled.

Information from all current and future units is sent via the IP-network to the Netto main office and relevant partners. For example, data from the refrigerator units is sent directly to Netto's supplier, who can then directly arrange the maintenance and ervicing of the unit in case of malfunction – often before the personnel at the store even notice any problems.


Secure and Efficient Data Communication

To optimise security, particularly in connection with the installation of the new chip-based credit card readers, the data communication in each Netto store is separated into a number of virtual networks. By using the ZyXEL ES-4124 Layer 3+ switches (which are nearing installation completion in the stores in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland), every single virtual network is separated from the others in order to optimise data security. In effect, this means that a supplier of refrigerators can only access data relevant to them, and can never access the credit card network.

"Normally we focus on one specific network supplier, but this time we chose an alternative in order to optimise the relationship between quality, functionality and price. We chose the Layer 3+ switches from ZyXEL, as they met all of our demands regarding functionality, could be delivered under the same agreement to all the countries we have stores in and have a flexible support and service agreement, including lifetime guarantee. Last, but by no means least, we could purchase them at a third of the price our previous supplier could give us for a similar product", explains Kent Clausen, IT Manager for Netto.

No Problems
He explains that the installation process is drawing to an end and that he hasn't heard of any problems at all. "We have now installed over 700 ZyXEL switches and haven't experienced a ingle error." adds IT Manager Christian Suhr, who is directly responsible for the installation processes and has personally taken part in the configuration of the many switches. Using the new ZyXEL switches allows the Netto chain to be prepared for the continuing digital expansion in the near future, along with the secure handling of payment gateway systems, an ever growing amount of units on the IP-network, IP based phone systems, a greater involvement of our daily products of and the endless possibilities for centralizes control of the network, surveillance and security.

Netto and Dansk Supermarked
Netto is Denmark's leading chain of grocery stores and is part of Dansk upermarked which includes the Bilka and Fotex superstores as well as the retail chain Jojog Sko.

Dansk Supermarked is the second largest in the Danish daily supplies market with a market share of over 30% and a turnover of over 50 billion DKK in the last ccounting period. When international turnover is included, the conglomerate takes the first place.

The Netto chain is rapidly expanding both domestically and abroad, with the stablishment of many new stores in Sweden, Germany, Poland and England. Dansk Supermarked is owned by the heirs of Herman Salling and by the A.P. Moller Group.

ZyXEL's Solution for the Netto Stores:
1. ZyXEL ES-4124 Layer 3+ switch supports Netto's advanced policy based security, creating a secure network access, include controlling MAC address and IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports etc. Intrusion Detection has also been installed – warning of any kind of intrusion to the network.
2. The network administration is done through the NetAtlas Enterprise application, making it simple to centrally control configuration and other functions within network management.
3. ZyXEL's products are based on approved standard and open technology that guarantees compatibility with today's and tomorrow's growing demands, as the network grows with the size of the retail chain.
4. Through a enduring presence in Europe, ZyXEL can offer an efficient network of suppliers, support and service as well as expertise across borders.

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