Sunrise of Switzerland on Ultimate HD TV Performance for Homes

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Immersive IPTV Experience on Cable-free Networks

"Being a market leader in telecommunications services in Switzerland, we are very deliberate about services and quality provided for extensive subscribers. For IPTV services for residential customers, not only the diversification of programs
are offered to meet different needs from individuals in the family but also the assurance of high quality and performance of content delivery to make our customers happy.” 
                                                          Andreas Fischer,Product Manager Sunrise Communications AG

Consumers want reliable and high quality of viewing experience when they subscribe IPTV service. Service providers are beginning to introduce IPTV offerings as part of a competitive service bundle designed to give the consumer the greater entertainment service choices they want.

Sunrise, a telecommunications service market leader in Switzerland, was looking for an innovative solution from an experienced and reliable partner whose solutions not only have superior performance. The partner must also be able to enable Sunrise with capability to provide high quality IPTV services for its extensive 3 million subscribers and to deploy easily at user’s homes.

To ensure the high quality viewing experience, IPTV service providers keep looking for the simple service deployment at users’ homes and better enhancing the reliable and robust multimedia home networking solution. ZyXEL’s latest wireless N media streaming box is designed right for this need of cable replacement. Featured exclusively with 5 GHz wireless N technology, ZyXEL WAP5605 transmits media  contents through a 5GHz band to assure optimal streaming  performance for video transmission. With this interference-free special design, video contents are  transmitted  lag-proof  at maximal HD IPTV quality for premium viewing experience.

Additionally enabled by advanced video-grade QoS and SmartRange technology, WAP5605 ensures to achieve the whole-home, robust throughput for delivering multiple, concurrent HD streams across multiple rooms. Just plug and play a pair of WAP5605 in users’ home, set individually as AP and Client modes by using the AP/Client mode switch, telcos/service providers can easily deployment the IPTV services without hassles.

Thanks to this successful project and installations Sunrise has managed to establish itself extremely well.

About Sunrise
Sunrise is the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland, with offices in Zurich, Kloten, Lucerne, Basel,  Bern, Biel/Bienne, Renens, Geneva and Lugano. Sunrise has 2.97 million customers, who use its services in the areas of mobile telephony, landline network, and the Internet. Business Sunrise offers customized communication solutions for business customers. The mobile network, which is based on GSM, EDGE, UMTS, and HSPA+ technologies,  provides  over  99% of the population with state‐of‐the‐art mobile network services and permits transfer rates of up to 21Mbps. A high-performance fiber optic network, with a total length of 10,000  km, enables high‐quality voice and data services to be  offered throughout the country. Thanks to unbundling, Sunrise can reach 85% of all households with its own broadband structure. The company operates more than 100 Sunrise centers across Switzerland. Sunrise is a brand of Sunrise Communications AG.

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