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Covell Group Deploys ZyXEL Solution to Monitor Smart Irrigation System

"The only time in the last six years the ZyXEL product stopped working was when it was unplugged due to power outage at the farm," "Given the dust, occasional high temperatures, and proximity to the sea of these fields, this unit has proven virtually indestructible!" Daniel Covell, Founder and President
The Covell Group

ZyXEL Builds an Efficient Full-Coverage Network System for Liquor Distillery Organization in Thailand

A Secure and High-quality Network for Liquor Distillery Organization

"ZyXEL offers highly efficient and stable devices compatible with various applications tailored to the needs of the project. As a result, the Liquor Distillery Organization is able to function and communicate more efficiently. The devices are also compatible with the future expansion of the organization. The Liquor Distillery Organization made an excellent decision by choosing ZyXEL." Julairat Santitranon, Head of IT Department,
Liquor Distillery Organization