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Service Overview

Zyxel offers complete networking solutions including broadband access, enterprise applications and digital home equipments. As one of the world’s leading network solution vendors, Zyxel is dedicated to ensuring that customers can efficiently and safely take advantage of everything Zyxel products and solutions has to offer. Also, with good service and support from Zyxel, customers should be able to master the products effortlessly. With the Customer Service Organization (CSO), Zyxel provides assistance to partners worldwide through support and services for its products and solutions.

Zyxel provides services in several areas including knowledge base, education, support feedback, warranty and forum as well as other professional services. The followings are overview of services provided by Zyxel.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base (KB) is designed to collect and publish users’ valuable problem-solving experience for reference and reuse. This is a Web-base service providing dynamic self-service information for online support requests. The Knowledge Base is where we post product information, SB and SMB applications, FAQs and articles that might help solving user issues or problems. We suggest users to search questions from the Knowledge Base before submitting a request to the Support Feedback service.

Technical Support

Customer can submit technical problems and feedback regarding Zyxel products or services through the Zyxel local subsidiaries or partners. In case that the technical problems cannot be solved with the Product User Guide or Knowledge Base, please contact the local reseller where you bought the device for instant help. A Zyxel office for the region where you bought the device is a preference support contact if you encounter any difficulty reaching your reseller.

Warranty Information

Zyxel offers warranty to the original end user (purchaser) that the product is free from any material or workmanship defects for a specific period (the Warranty Period) from the date of purchase. The Warranty Period varies by regions; please contact your vendor and/or the authorized Zyxel local distributor for details about the Warranty Period of the product.

Zyxel Forum

The Zyxel forum is a platform for online discussion and information sharing about Zyxel products and technologies. The Forum allows customers and subsidiaries to post messages and read the ones posted by others. This is an excellent place to learn and share knowledge from fellow users all over the world.