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Who We Are

20+ years of expertise in networking technology Deployment experience with world’s leading telco and service providers
400,000+ business customers
Up to 1 million general users

Networking Solutions

Network You Can Trust

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For more than 20 years, ZyXEL has been committed to design and development of products and solutions based on advanced networking technologies. Our IP-enabled solutions enable networking infrastructures and systems to function effectively and efficiently that people can access and connect Internet wired and wirelessly, anytime and anywhere.

Our expertise has also extended exceptionally to solutions for small-and medium-size businesses (SMB); boosting high networking performance at system level, ensuring security against variety of cyber malwares, and featuring high expandability and adaptability. These networking solutions are not only easy-to-deploy but also future-proven to allow deploying enterprises to keep competitive in marketplace. We help build network that you can trust.

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Networking Expert


Our Networking Solutions enable reliable networking infrastructures for businesses as their operating efficiency relies on the connected network performance. It's ZyXEL's commitment to deliver high-quality products for customers.

High Performance

Demand for bandwidth as well as reliability from businesses has evolved enormously and continuously. Being a Networking Expert, we deliver high-performance infrastructures for robust, stable and capable business networks.


As businesses grow, networks need to grow along with the course for achieving more milestones. ZyXEL's Networking Solutions are designed to meeting the need for scaling scenarios to keep business communication uninterrupted.

Easy to Install and Manage

To relieve SMBs from installation/management difficulties and related cost, our networking devices are easy to install and manage; ZyXEL also continuously upgrades user interface to offer better user experience.

Networking Products

Unified Security Gateway (USG)

ZyWALL USG 300/200/100/50/20W

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Gigabit Switches / Ethernet Switches

Gigabit Switches
- GS1910-24HP / XGS1910-24 / GS2200-8HP
Ethernet Switches
- ES1100-16 / ES1100-16P

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802.11 a/b/g/n Business Access Points

NWA1100-N / NWA3160-N / NWA3560-N / NWA3550-N

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Management Software

Management Software

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