Business-class Layer 2 Fast Ethernet Switch with Access Control List (ACL)

Advanced access control features for user data protection

Avoiding subscribers from affecting each other on a shared network or device is a major concern for SMB networks. The Zyxel ES3500 Series offers a complete set of security features to protect user data while administrating network traffic. It features port security, 802.1X authentication and RADIUS accounting to prevent unauthorized access and provide powerful access control for converged networks.

The ES3500 Series features a multilayer (L2/L3/L4) ACL suite of sophisticated policy-based control mechanisms, which can be used to help SMBs prevent abnormal or illegal access. Policies can be defined via a GUI or CLI to deny packets based on source and destination MAC addresses, IP addresses or TCP/UDP ports.

Dual-speed SFP uplinks for reliable connections in distributed deployments

The ES3500 Series is an ideal solution for SMBs that need to establish a converged network across long distances or multiple floors. It supports dual-speed (100/1000 Mbps) SFP uplinks, providing more options in establishing fast and reliable connections in distributed and long distance deployments. Supporting Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface (DDMI), the ES3500 Series allows administrators to easily detect packet loss from transceivers and aging cables to avoid unstable network service, lower maintenance overhead and boost business productivity.

Powered device (PD) design for easy deployment (ES3500-8PD)

The ES3500-8PD features a special powered device design, making it easy to install in places where power outlets are not available. Users have the option of powering the switch with either the external power adapter or via a Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, with the PoE input prioritized when both are available. The ES3500-8PD also comes in a fanless design that ensures silent operation in small or quiet office environments.

High power PoE with intelligent PoE consumption mode (ES3500-24HP)

The ES3500-24HP supports the IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus standard to ease the installation of powered devices in challenging spaces such as ceilings or walls. The power supply of up to 30 watts per port allows the ES3500-24HP to power PoE-enabled WLAN APs, VoIP phones and IP surveillance cameras through CAT-5 cables of less than 100 meters (300 feet) in length. The ES3500-24HP also features the intelligent PoE consumption mode, which automatically detects the amount of power each powered device needs and supplies power accordingly for more efficient use of power resources and better ROI for businesses.

Rich IPv6 features for future-proof network expansions

Designed to protect business investment, the ES3500 Series features a complete set of IPv6 host management functions to guarantee smooth IPv4-to-IPv6 migration. This feature set benefits high-density Fast Ethernet deployments, making the ES3500 Series perfectly suitable for both core and edge networks.

* The model ES3500-24HP is EOL