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September 2011

Voice is Secured

Boosting Business with Integrated Communications
In today’s connected business environment, more companies want to improve their operations with an integrated platform that provides both voice and data communications over the Internet. This lets businesses significantly improve their bottom line as well as boost staff and partner communications with anytime, anywhere contact. However as voice communications moves onto the Internet, it can become more vulnerable to stealth tapping and intrusions. Thus to prevent hacking of confidential conversations, businesses should boost security of their voice communications.

Why Businesses Should Integrate Gateway, Security and Voice Functions
By integrating IP Telephony, routing, and security capabilities onto a single appliance, small and medium-sized business (SMBs) can become more nimble. IT managers also do not have to overcome compatibility and configuration issues associated with running multiple devices. A single appliance allows a growing business to collaborate via conferencing, contact through instant messaging (IM), and communicate through IP Telephony capabilities—without spending on multiple on-premise hardware and different support services.

The Rise of IP Telephony
More companies are engaging in IP Telephony. This is because it is cost-effective and relies on the ubiquitous Internet to link disparate parties together. Also by running voice communications over the data network, IP Telephony allows growing businesses to eliminate running extensive communications hardware, thus enabling significant savings in both capital and operational expenditure. Other less obvious benefits of VoIP include improving communications efficiency inside an office and between remote offices, as while reducing overall telecommunications charges. 

In the past, a separate PBX switchboard – that handled phone calls – was often inflexible and complex to run, requiring administrators to be familiar with proprietary commands. Adding to the complexity was implementing and managing a remote office that had to be connected to the main office.

However, widespread IP Telephony usage has also opened a can of security worms. The opportunities for phone hacking, phone tapping, and hijacking of legitimate lines to make unauthorized calls is on the rise.

How to Secure Your Voice Communications over the Internet?
Though it delivers greater convenience, integration of data and voice networks also makes it easier for hackers to intercept voice calls, spoof company telephone numbers, and make illegal calls. To enhance security, an integrated platform incorporates Firewall and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to protect data as well as voice communications from evolving threats aimed at VoIP protocols. With built-in protection technologies, an integrated platform is capable of defending against such attacks for a safer and more secure communications—without sacrificing networking performance and voice quality.

Delivering Benefits to Different Users
With more streamlined communications, businesses will be able to make decisions faster; allowing them to rapidly launch new products, expand into new markets, or merge with other companies—whenever such opportunities arise. A converged platform is also more eco-friendly because it lowers a company’s carbon footprint by eliminating excessive travelling. Additionally:

  • For Business Owners
    Gain instant access to key employees, while being able to postpone unwanted communications. Also be aware if customers are being served promptly and professionally by staff. Moving to a new location is also not a big hassle as the networking and telephony can be easily and rapidly set up. Operations can also be easily scaled “to the next level” if business grows.

  • For Sales

     Satisfy customers every time by immediately addressing their concerns with relevant information or by routing a call to the most appropriate professional. Sales potential will also be maximized as the right sales person can be located at anytime to face a potential customer and offer compelling advantages. Negative customer feedback can also be attended to with real-time communications.

  • For IT Managers
    Transition to new IP Telephony capabilities seamlessly especially if your previous PSTN phone system is no longer supported by your vendor. Simplify the management of your networks, security, and telephony with a single management console.

Why Growing Businesses Should Consider Integrating Communications?
An integrated communications platform allows growing businesses to overcome their resource limitations and have the flexibility to harness existing infrastructure or deploy new capabilities without extensive investments. Businesses can improve staff productivity and collaboration with simple anytime, anywhere access that is also secure. Find out more.


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