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September 2011

Office Networking Tips

What are the various security measures available for wireless networks?

Wireless networks must be secured to prevent unauthorized access to important resources. Here is a list of security protocols to safeguard wireless data:


What it does


Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

Data confidentiality is maintained by creating a ciphered text during transit that is unscrambled by the recipient. The data is encrypted using a fixed 40-bit (40 digits in a binary number) or a 128-bit (128 digits in a binary number) key and later decrypted with the same key to prevent unauthorized cracking of messages during wireless
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Ascertain the amount of multi-media communications
Determine the amount of multimedia communications that will traverse across your wireless network. More multimedia traffic means higher bandwidth is needed. Does your company staff transfer large amounts of video and other multi-media files on a daily basis? Or does your WLAN support less bandwidth-intensive emails and text documents? Take these into account when deploying a wireless network. Additionally, configure your wireless LAN to the Wireless N and the 5GHz band for minimal radio traffic interference. This will allow you to support the best reception and bandwidth for a seamless multimedia experience.
WPA2 Control IT budgets with better scalability
Select a WLAN solution that can be scaled easily for future growth. Your business is not going to be stagnant. When it expands, your WLAN should be able to accommodate more traffic and users. To maximize your IT budgets, ensure that you can add WLAN access points easily without expensive hardware investments and manual configuration. “Hybrid” WLAN solutions can help in this area. "Hybrid" LAN nodes can act as access points (APs) or controllers at the same time. This allows your company to easily integrate new WLAN nodes into your existing current WLAN. What's more, your company can change and divert WLAN coverage at ease to different areas of the office—should the need arise.


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