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Zyxel Webinars

Zyxel Webinars

Join one of our live webinars to hear first-hand information on Zyxel’s products and solutions or browse our library of past recordings to access the information at your own convenience.

Transform Coax to High-Speed WiFI with the WAP7205 and HLA4205
Recorded on 03/29/2018

Extend high speed WiFi by transforming a home’s existing coaxial infrastructure with MoCA 2.0 bonding with the Zyxel WAP7205 Hybrid MU-MIMO AC1300 MoCA Extender and HLA4205 MoCA 2.0 Ethernet Adapter. Both the WAP7205 and HLA4205 is equipped with MoCA 2.0 technology that is designed to be a wired backbone for reliable WiFi extension in multilevel homes, delivering high quality multimedia applications. By taking advantage of the MoCA technology, both can achieve speeds of up to 1.4 Gbps over coax wiring already in your home.

11.00am-12.00pm PDT
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