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Service Provider

Visibility and Control of the Home Network Simplified.

As home networks grow in size, they also grow in complexity. Service providers can benefit immensely from more visibility and control of home networks. With studies reporting 89% of customers churned following poor customer experiences, remote management through TR-069 stands to improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn as well as add new revenue streams.

TR-069 Feature Benefits:

Auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning

Configure and provision customer-premises equipment (CPE) effortlessly, remotely and cost-effectively to simplify deployment.

Software / firmware image management

Remotely identify firmware versions of installed CPE and push necessary firmware upgrades to CPE when necessary. Receive notifications of the success or failure of a file download.

Status and performance monitoring

TR-069 standard defines a broad set of operational parameters to monitor CPE performance. Gateways collect various network and performance statistics and notifications that can be sent back to the ACS for analysis.


Receive availability information to determine the cause of bad connections or service degradations to allow for resolution or upgrade recommendations based on usage behavior to keep customers happy.