ZyXEL Boosts Business Wireless Series with All-In-One WLAN Controller and Ceiling-Mount Access Points

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October 16 30, 2013 – Anaheim, CA – ZyXEL Communications, a leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet access, connected home and routing products, today introduced its new NXC2500 wireless LAN Controller and NWA5120 series of feature-rich, ceiling-mount Access Points (APs). Together, the controller and APs offer small and mid-size companies a high-performance WLAN solution that is easy to manage, flexible and affordable.
“The explosive growth of trends like BYOD and cloud services for SMBs have raised the bar on requirements for wireless networks,” said Steven Joe, Executive Vice President, Channel Business, ZyXEL Americas. “ZyXEL’s latest WLAN controller-AP solution is designed to address these performance demands on wireless business networks with minimal effort and maximum control.”

WLAN Controller -  NXC2500

ZyXEL NXC2500 WLAN controller supports up to 24 NWA3100 series APs or the latest NWA5120 series APs , and offers a range of sophisticated features that include:

  • Innovative built-in wireless optimizer – a simple and effective WLAN deployment and management tool that not only helps plan WLAN deployments but also uses the deployed APs as Wi-Fi sensors to map range and signal quality of the wireless network, creating a coverage map that can be monitored and optimized
  • Quick and easy expansion of existing WLAN network by adding APs without any pre-configuration using NXC2500’s built-in support for CAPWAP (Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points)
  • The NXC2500 comes with a built-in RADIUS server, captive portal server, and DHCP server, so businesses can provide secure access for employees and guests
  • Load-balancing features, automatic channel selection, and RF optimization deliver superior performance with minimum management


NWA5120 Series Ceiling-Mount Access Points

The NWA5120 series AP include the NWA5121-NI 802.11n AP and the dual-band, dual-radio NWA5123-NI AP. The NWA5120 series APs can function as a stand-alone AP or can be used with the NXC2500 controller. Designed for the most demanding business environment, the APs features include:

  • Coverage-enhancing technologies that include TX Beamforming that dynamically changes signal phases and MLD  that boost signal-to-noise ratio to 3 dB
  • Support for  CAPWAP for quick deployment with the NXC2500 WLAN controller
  • NWA5123-NI comes with dual radios to support concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHZ frequency bands for premium performance
  • NWA5120 series APs are plenum rated with support for PoE, WAP/WPA2 enterprise security, VLANs, and DHCP


 Pricing and Availability

The NXC2500, NWA5121-NI and NWA5123-NI are available for purchase from authorized ZyXEL distributors and channel partners.
•    MSRP for NXC2500 is $399
•    MSRP for NWA5121-NI is $169
•    MSRP for NWA5123-NI is $199

ZyXEL is leveraging the strength of its comprehensive business networking portfolio, including Ethernet switches, firewalls, and wireless APs, to deliver solution bundles for different business scenarios including hospitals, schools, convention halls, and entertainment facilities. The bundles come complete with product recommendations, quick-install pre-configured set-up files, and assistance from ZyXEL’s trained technicians. This program is intended to help our channel solution partners leverage ZyXEL products to quickly build and deploy complete network solutions for a different vertical businesses. For more information about the program, please call 1.800.255.4101 or email partner@zyxel.com.

About ZyXEL Communications

ZyXEL, a pioneer in IP technology for over 20 years, provides a complete portfolio of multi-service LTE, fiber and DSL broadband gateways, home connectivity solutions, smart home devices and enterprise-class Ethernet switches, security and Wi-Fi equipment for small to mid-size business. ZyXEL offers integrated, interoperable network solutions based on open standards. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, ZyXEL offers its partners service-rich solutions backed by a domestic team of logistic, sales, and technical support professionals.

Press Contact

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ZyXEL Communications, Inc. - North America Headquarters

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