ZyXEL and Employees

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Diversity of Our Employees

As "Innovation" is our core value, we need a team that is motivated, diverse, and believes in independent thought and originality. Having employees located worldwide, ZyXEL recognizes the awesome power of bringing together such diverse cultures, lifestyles and experiences, and coordinating their individual contributions. We strive to support and encourage the unique perspectives only this caliber of diversity makes possible. We prohibit any form of discrimination in hiring and employment, including prejudice based on age, race, color, gender, disability, or religion, and believe our diverse workforce stimulates creativity.

Employee Safety and Health Policy

Since its inception, ZyXEL's mission has been to promote sustainable business development and expansion while recognizing the importance of safety and health. We appreciate that occupational safety and health are integral parts of all business operations, and therefore constantly seek to secure a safe and healthy working environment for our employees through workshops, trainings, workplace inspections, and regular outdoor activities, as well as employee health and sport facilities.

To accomplish this long-term goal, ZyXEL is committed to:

  • Encourage the diversity and energy of our employee pool
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace
  • Conducting effective training
  • Complying with all laws
  • Ensuring continuous improvement

Employee Health and Leisure

Communication and Consulting

ZyXEL has built inbound and outbound conduits for employee communication, as well as inviting interactions with stakeholders, such as environmental activists, customers, foreign guests, neighboring factories and government agencies. The inbound communication and consulting conduits include internal meetings,  opinion boxes, bulletins, internal document circulation systems and e-mail, to name a few. Outbound conduits are mostly for legislation conformity communications with environment activist groups and government agencies.
In 2008, we launched a new program titled the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The program provides employees with consultation services in five categories: Physical Health, Mental Health, Law, Management and Finances. Employees can access such services through toll free numbers, by e-mail or in person.

Physical Fitness Tests

Health awareness, periodical check-ups and appropriate exercise are all vital to employee well-being and fitness. ZyXEL has created a series of activities to take care of employees' health in terms of diet, exercise, mind and behavior; these activities enable employees to understand their own body condition for future fitness and medical needs.

ZyXEL Sports Park

The  Sports Park was built in 2007 to help employees increase "yield rate" through excellent personal condition. The park consists of a gym, ball fields and other facilities for employees to get in better shape through regular exercise.

Prevention of Occupational Disease 

We regularly offer body status and health check-ups to employees, the results of which are collected in a physical condition database. Used as a reference for work progress, the database monitors employee's health and prevents occupational diseases from happening. In addition to normal body and health check-ups, We also provides special inspections on possible damage caused by lead contamination, radiation and noise.


Family Activities

To help employees maintain good relationship with their family members, and to show how much management cares about them, ZyXEL occasionally organizes family-oriented events like Family Days, family fairs, beach cleaning and mountain trail walking events.

Employee Relationship

ZyXEL has a relatively low employee resignation rate. This indicates that ZyXEL has not only legitimate and competitive wages, working hours, benefits, vacation and retirement offerings, but also adequately provides conduits for employees to communicate their thoughts with the management and receive feedback through constructive interactions.