Managed Layer 2 Switches for Small Organisations and for the Access rea

Advanced Features Protect the Investment in Triple-play Services

The ZyXEL MES-2110 Switch is positioned to deliver wire-speed high performance critical in the network. Designed to IEEE specifications the ZyXEL MES-2110 leverages your existing investment in multi-service environments. Within the network QoS is critical, the MES-2110 conforms to the IEEE 802.3p/Q standard which ensures that time critical applications are handled with the required quality. The MES 2110 Switch can prioritise applications using WFQ (Weighted Fair Queuing) scheduling algorithm to allocate more bandwidth to key traffic such as VoIP Voice and IPTV transmission. The solution enables the business to take full advantage of limited network resources and to guarantee the best performance. These features enable the Metro Switch MES-2110 to support triple-play services easily.

The Metro MES-2110 Switch is designed with standard-based management protocols such as SNMP, RMON, Telnet and Web-based HTTP. It offers administrators user-friendly and effective tools for remote monitoring and configuration management. This greatly reduces operating costs and offers more flexible maintenance for ZyXEL switches. The IT staff can opt for the Web or command-line interface to suit their needs, and they are also empowered to build a highly secure and efficient network.


Innovative Design Reduces Deployment Complexity

The Metro MES-2110 Switch has been designed in a small form factor that is ideal for installation in locations with limited space or for applications requiring low port density. The Metro MES-2110 Switch supports auto MDI/MDI-X to enable straight or crossover cables being connected, taking the guesswork away from end users. These features help service providers or business to deploy networks more easily with much less time and cost.


Supporting DDMI (Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface) SFP Enhances Management Capability

The enhanced digital interface enables a real time link to be established between the switch and the SFP transceiver. This enables the switch to access operating parameters within the fibre link. This includes digital features such as soft control and monitoring of SFP I/O signals. In addition the DDMI functionality enables the capability to implement digital alarms and warnings.
The digital diagnostic monitoring interface enables users to have the capability of performing component monitoring, fault isolation and failure prediction tasks on their transceiver-based links. This feature ensures that the business can be proactive in preventative maintenance of the network and ensure business continuity.

DDMI Monitors:
- Temperature
- Supply voltage
- Transmitted bias current
- Transmitted power
- Received power
All features listed above include alarm and warning thresholds.

Note : The DDMI Advanced Features may require specific firmware in the switches. Please visit your local ZyXEL website for details.