Farnell Landrover Dealership WiFi

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Farnell Landrover Dealership WiFi

Farnell Bradford, part of The Co-operative Motor Group, one of the very first Land Rover dealerships in the world has recently moved to its new flagship £1m Land Rover/Range Rover Dealership in Canal Road, Bradford. It will create one of the largest Land Rover showrooms in the UK and be amongst the biggest in the World. It will also be one of the very first UK dealerships to share the new and very prominent dual Range Rover/Land Rover branding.

Solution Features
• Full WiFi compliance
• Branded User Experience
• Content filtering
• User and device analytics
• Optional marketing opportunities
• Quality hardware
• Lawful intercept capability

For a state of the art dealership, people expect state of the art services one of which is WiFi. Farnell not only required a public WiFi solution for customers who wish to work while waiting for their car to be serviced,
but also for the handheld automotive devices that the mechanics use for system diagnostics.

A SPARK Gateway which offers all our usual features, including content filtering, usage statistics, bandwidth control and a fully branded Land Rover/Range Rover Welcome Portal. Farnell required a public and a private
network. To acheive this we used high grade access points and switches that support multiple SSIDs (wireless names) and VLANs (Multiple networks) As with all our customers, Farnell benefit from our 24/7
support and monitoring service.

• Bandwidth control is provided, along with filtering of unacceptable
• Public and private networks
• Connect while you wait service
• Mechanics can use the system to aid their work
• WiFi SPARK UK helpdesk 24/7
• WiFi SPARK take care of all filtering and lawful intercept
• Quality hardware and installation
• Reliable and secure

Despite the economic climate, companies are still investing in the latest technology to ensure they keep ahead of the game. This WiFi service will not only provide customers with a useful business tool while waiting
for their vehicle to be serviced, but also a necessary requirement for the latest diagnostics tools in the motor trade.

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