British International School Bratislava

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Modern and Secure Wi-Fi Network for the British International School Bratislava

High-Queality and Secure Wi-Fi connectivity for students, teachers, staff members, as well as the members of the public who visit the school, coupled with the simplest possible network management.


ZyXEL has a unified solution for this type of Wi-Fi network deployments.
The NXC5200 controller can manage up to 240 autonomous access points
with all of the APs being configured centrally from a single point. Supporting
the most up-to-date encryption algorithms, it also includes a highperformance
firewall. The system even offers web-based authentication to
fully meet the school’s requirements.


The installation of both the controller and the individual access points was
fast and smooth. Thanks to the Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature, a single
cable was sufficient to connect each AP, minimizing the installation costs.
The whole school area is now covered by a high-quality wireless signal with
maximum security throughout the network.


  • Secure, high-quality network available to all users all over the school premises
  • Simple installation: the access point is only connected to an Ethernet cable that also
    powers it (removing the need for power adaptors and sockets and reducing the overall
    power consumption)
  • Convenient use: the possibility to move around with a connected device without
    losing or interrupting the connection (the roaming feature)
  • Minimal maintenance and management requirements

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