Paramedic Institute Enhances Learning Experience through Simplified Wireless Networking, Belgium

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ZyXEL Provides Comprehensive Wireless Bundling Deployment


As in many other schools, the organic growth of diversified networks over the past few years made a comprehensive, structured makeover necessary. To prepare for the movement triggered by advanced mobile technology, the school started to consider making the learning experience smoother and ubiquitously accessible through taking advantage of the modern technology for students with laptops, tablets or other WiFi-enabled devices demanding wireless connectivity.

The school consists of three separate three-story buildings with each floor connected to the same floor of the next building, however the layout has created a considerably large network span within the campus. The makeover required six kilometers of network cable and one kilometer of fibre cable to be installed within 14 days when the school was closed for holidays. The fibre was laid out from a central cabinet to six distribution points, from where the UTP CAT-6 cables reach out to each classroom as well as 21 WLAN Access Points.


ZyXEL provided a bundled solution containing a ZyXEL NXC5200 Wireless Controller and 21 sets of NWA5160-N Access Points (AP). The NXC5200 Wireless Controller offers the option to serve both the administrative department and students with different VLANs, in which priorities and bandwidth can be managed while the Access Points provide extensive wireless coverage to students and teachers as well. The installation has successful: it not only fulfills the current needs, but also reserves the expandability for the future when more applications and users emerge.

Considering the demographic scale and time constraints, ZyXEL collaborated with a competent Belgium partner to conduct lab tests to ensure the connections would function as expected before the psychical installation of twelve GS2200 Layer-2 Gigabit Switches, a NXC5200 controller and 21 sets of NWA5160-N APs finally took place. The installation process of NXC5200 controller was straightforward, and adding the Access Points was true plug-and-play. Everything, including VLANs, was configured, connected, tested, labeled and documented. The customer was astonished when the completed installation worked flawlessly right after the power was switched on.

In addition, the NXC5200 provides real-time functions such as roaming, authentication and load balancing to bring benefits such as centralized configuration regardless of the number of available managed access points as long as an IP network is available.


Simplified installation and deployment
The centralized administrative functions can simplify network management tasks significantly as the managed access points were installed at suitable locations for desirable WLAN reception, while accessibility in areas with weaker signal or lower data speed can be enhanced with additional managed access points. The ZyXEL NXC5200 is fully compliant with the CAPWAP (Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points) standard for faster deployments of massive WLAN connectivity that cause only minimal changes to the existing infrastructure.

11n performance to meet increasing bandwidth requirements
The combination of NXC5200 and NWA5160-N can improve network performance significantly for high-bandwidth applications that require higher data transfer rates. The 11n network standard not only allows more users on the network, but also contributes to a more enjoyable user experience.

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