Regents Inn

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ZyXEL Powers Regents Inn Wireless Network

“ From the very start, our goal was to minimise the costs of supporting our communications. However, we could have never believed that we’d be able to rip and replace our entire infrastructure, and start again with a state-of-the-art system...and still be in a position to eliminate costs.” Adam South, IT Manager, Regent Ins


  • Provide the platform for a converged network across the Regent Inns brand
  • Guarantee bandwidth and Internet connectivity across all Regent Inns premises and offices
  • Upgrade current disparate communications network as cost effectively as possible
  • Reduce the cost of corporate and regional venue communications
  • Continue to innovate, generate new revenue streams and increase service differentiation


  • 100 x ZyXEL ES2024 24-Port Power over Ethernet L2 Fast Managed Ethernet Switches
  • 100 x ZyXEL P660HW P660HW Wireless ADSL Routers
  • Mitel IP telephony handsets (not provided by ZyXEL) 


  • Provided Regent Inns with VPN management, hosted VoIP and customer WiFi to its 100 sites across the UK, including head office in Borehamwood and to all field-based staff
  • The deployment of a simplified network infrastructure that simultaneously manages voice, data and entertainment services while massively reducing costs
  • Head office and regional staff have complete geographic freedom for all communications to ensure a consistent degree of efficiency and functionality - whether working from home or any Regent site
  • Customers at Regent Inn’s 100 bars and restaurants can enjoy free WiFi
  • IP connectivity allows Regent venues to offer a wide range of additional services to customers in the future, creating differentiating and leading to increased customer loyalty and revenues

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