Residence Ózon**** Conference & Wellness Hotel

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Modernization of hotel services situated 80 kms from Budapest near Kékes in Mátraháza. Equipment of the 79 rooms and conference area with wireless Internet access separated from Hotel Intranet.

Residence Ózon**** Conference & Wellness Hotel- High Speed Wireless Internet Access for Guests

One of the major criteria for the modernization of the hotel Internet services was to provide all the hotel rooms and guests in conference room with high-speed easy to access wireless Internet connection and with low maintenance and installation costs.

This had to be done quickly minimizing discomfort of guests during installation also using existing Ethernet cabling in hotel and providing an easy to manage infrastructure for IT administrator.

To meet the demand from the increasing number of laptops used by hotel guests, especially in conference rooms, ZyXEL Solution Partner (MGSS Kft.) had specified a wireless LAN that provide seamless connectivity throughout the whole residence with easy to install and maintain Wireless Internet Access with vital functionalities like roaming.

Business Benefits
Guests appreciate the modern equipment and easy setup of wireless Internet and hotel services that increase the value brought to them during stay at the hotel rooms.

Technology and Products used
The Latest Wireless N technology is used deploying Access Points built with LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) materials allowing remote management and roaming. ZyXEL Solution Partner used 20pcs of NWA-3166 Access Points and 2pcs of ES-2024PWR switches to connect Access Points and several other existing network devices to the Internet.

About Residence Ózon**** Conference & Wellness Hotel
The Residence Ózon**** Conference & Wellness Hotel is only 80 kms from Budapest near Kékes in Mátraháza, waiting for its guests at 710 metres above the sea level. This hotel is placed in magic highlands' surroundings, embraced by a 3,2 hectare ancient forest leisure park. From all the points of this attractive building, you can see the only one breath-taking Kekes panorama. The interieur's cleaned forms, and using earth colours and so much natural light give us the feeling of home and warmth. In this inspirating environment, there are 67 standard double rooms, 2 family rooms, 5 deluxe, 2 deluxe superior rooms and 3 suits, insuring perfect comfort.

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