ZyXEL Security Solution Eases New Delhi Medical University’s Growing Pains

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Institutions grow and develop over time, as do their IT needs. This is a fact that the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), a health care education and research school in New Delhi, India, recently confronted. The 60-year-old public university needed to upgrade its network to better serve nearly 10,000 faculty, staff and students. Heavy use was straining bandwidth capacity and outdated equipment was unable to manage the latest security threats. ZyXEL stepped in with a solution based around its Unified Security Gateway products that delivered an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio while providing increased capacity, stronger security, reliable support and scalability for future growth.

“It was a typical campus security project with bid requirement, and we had biggies like Sonicwall, Fortinet, Cisco and others as competition on one hand, as well as cheaper brands like D-Link, Cyberoam and others on the other hand. However, what helped us win the contract was true price-to-performance ratio. Typically, in any Indian bidding process, contract holders negotiate only with the lowest bidder (L1), but as we were pretty confident in our solution, we requested a physical demonstration for the customer as a part of the technical evaluation, as the commercial opening was to happen only after TEC. We were rated T1 (technically best) in our proof of concept, and the only competition remaining was with Sonicwall, Fortinet & Cisco. That’s how we won the project on best price-performance ratio”.

Anurag Pandey
Key Account Manager, Binary Global Limited


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