ZyXEL Builds an Efficient Full-Coverage Network System for Liquor Distillery Organization in Thailand

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A Secure and High-quality Network for Liquor Distillery Organization

“ZyXEL offers highly efficient and stable devices compatible with various applications tailored to the needs of the project. As a result, the Liquor Distillery Organization is able to function and communicate more efficiently. The devices are also compatible with the future expansion of the organization. The Liquor Distillery Organization made an excellent decision by choosing ZyXEL.”

Julairat Santitranon, Head of IT Department, Liquor Distillery Organization


Liquor Distillery Organization produces and distributes pure alcohol in Thailand. The organization distributes to various industries, including the pharmaceutical and hospital industries, as well as the food industry.

The Liquor Distillery Organization has received orders from its Management Committee to relocate its headquarters to Chachoengsao Province. As part of this move, the organization will improve its network systems to ensure increased efficiency. The network system currently in use is not efficient enough for organizational expansion, and as such could potentially cause work delays.


At present, the Liquor Distillery Organization’s network system supports communication and business operations across 12 buildings for approximately 140 users. Due to the distance between these buildings, coupled with damaged and outdated devices and cabling, the original network system is not equipped to handle an increased user load.

The Liquor Distillery Organization is therefore seeking to expand its network system to improve efficiency and support the increased number of users.

Solutions and Benefits

The Liquor Distillery Organization has a number of office buildings, each separated by a significant distance. It is therefore necessary to consider how to connect to network systems of each building to optimize stability and efficiency. For this reason, the organization decided to install the ZyXEL USG300 Unified Security Gateway device to serve as the firewall gateway and VLAN splitter for easy management of the entire network system of each building. The Liquor Distillery Organization uses two XGS-4528F L3 switches with 10 GbE uplink as the core switch, which connect to each other through Port 10G, linking to the buildings. This type of connection ensures that the overall network system maintains operation even if the core switch is damaged or malfunctions. The device has been installed in the executive building at the center of the IT system of the Liquor Distillery Organization.

The ZyXEL GS2200-24 Access Switch has been installed in each department building to send information to department computers, which are connected to the core switch via fiber optic cabling in order to maintain gigabit connection speeds despite the considerable distance between the buildings. To ensure the GS2200-24 is sufficient to support the anticipated number of users in a particular department, the Liquor Distillery Organization has selected the GS1100-24 Unmanaged Gigabit Switch’s Edge Switch to add a number of connection ports to the network system. For its wireless LAN configuration, the organization has elected to use the NWA3160-N Wireless Business Access Point and Controller functioning in stand-alone mode to provide a wireless network signal throughout the building.

Following the installation of the new ZyXEL solution for the network system, the Liquor Distillery Organization significantly reduced the time to complete the work by quickly utilizing data for analysis and applying such data to calculate business implementation. In addition, network downtime has been significantly decreased, allowing for continuous flow of work and maximizing efficiency. The project has been both rewarding and satisfying for all parties involved.

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