Turkish University Ramps Up Internet Performance with ZyXEL’s Solutions

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An up-and-coming major institution of higher learning in central Turkey that sees itself as a technological leader needed to improve the wireless infrastructure to be able to deliver the level of performance students and faculty require in a modern university. Nigde University administrators and planners had to find a solution that was comprehensive enough to be able to meet the needs of 15,000 students and faculty members located at more than half a dozen buildings dispersed around the spacious campus. Upgrading network infrastructure to safeguard data from malicious parties, in addition to making network management more secure and user-friendly, were also important considerations for the university officials.

"Educational institutions have to be sensitive and attentive with regard to data communication infrastructures. An infrastructure capable of supporting a sizable density during the extended hours of operation and providing service at every location at the same quality level is important for user satisfaction. At the school, both students and teaching staff use Internet service intensively. In such a case, stable and uninterrupted communication is a must. We are now able to provide service at this level owing to ZyXEL hardware and solutions. We are also happy these high-tech products better position us for future growth.”

Görkem Burak Görgülü
Dataproses Information and Communication Services


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